Fire Protection Guidelines

Fire Prevention Tips

In the event of a fire, people need to have enough time to escape safely and the fire department must be able to safely search the building for anyone that was left behind. The building decree makes demands on the building structure when it comes to fire protection, so it does not collapse quickly in the event of a fire breaking out.

Prevent the occurrence of fire:

To prevent fire, different demands will be made on the behavior of materials and construction parts when it comes to fire spreading. Make sure that fire can’t develop quickly: The sooner a fire can catch hold, it ceases to be manageable. A rapidly developing fire will also hinder escape routes for people in the building.

Provide fire compartmentalization:

Requirements for compartmentalization were imposed on large buildings or structures that have a specific user function. The size of a compartment will be determined by the size of the building, the combination of other rooms, or the walking distance.

Provide safe escape routes:

The principle of the safe escape route is so people can leave when threatened by both fire and smoke as fast as possible along a safe route. For escape routes, depending on the function, requirements are in place for material use and length. Escape routes must always be kept free of obstacles.

Provide fire alarms:

The sooner a fire is identified, the better the chance it can be extinguished without calling in the fire department, people are able to escape safely and the fire department can act more quickly.

Provide extinguishing agents:

The fire caught in its early stages can be put out without the aid of the fire department. Sufficient extinguishing agents, such as fire hose reels and fire extinguishers should be available to help extinguish a fire early.

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