Professional Fire Protection Service for Anyone

Did you know that domestic and commercial fires cause property damage of over $8.7 billion in 2021 alone? Worse than that, over 27% of all building fires resulted in civilian deaths. And that’s in the US alone. As you can see, fires can be incredibly harmful both to individuals and their properties. At Advance Design Group, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping individuals. Each fire protection service, offered by our company, is delivered in time and at an affordable cost. Don’t hesitate to use one of our services, including fire alarm repair. We’re available in North Bellmore, NY.

What to Expect from Professional Fire Services

Without a doubt, when it comes to fire protection, no one wants to use old or unlicensed equipment. Using old fire extinguishers, for example, can do more harm than good. Some fire protection products have an expiration date as well. That means they won’t be as effective (if effective at all) after the expiration date.

But what if you already have a fire alarm installed in your home? You must think you’re all safe, right? Well, not necessarily. Turns out that fire alarms aren’t as effective in fire prevention if you don’t keep them in the utmost condition. How to keep your fire alarm up and running? By relying on a professional fire protection service.

With over 20 years of experience, Advance Design Group is a reliable fire protection company. We operate in the North Bellmore, NY area, and we offer a wide variety of fire protection services. With us, you never have to worry about fires in your residential or commercial building. The equipment used by our professionals is always up-to-date, making your home or business as fireproof as possible. For us, using old or unlicensed equipment is not only frowned upon – it’s downright dangerous. Our services are wallet-friendly as well. Please give us a call at (516) 842-8073 if you need any kind of fire protection service, including fire alarm repair.