Is There a Difference Between Residential and a Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

Differences Between Fire Alarms for Commercial and Residential Properties

If you have ever wondered if there are any differences between a residential and commercial fire alarm installation, then you need to read this post.

Power supply for domestic smoke detector

In homes, smoke detectors are frequently operated by a battery, although there are some that are specifically designed to use the mains, and have become more prevalent as building regulations become more stringent. The biggest drawback with a battery-operated smoke alarm is when the battery runs out the alarm ceases to function. Often people forget to replace them, which means that their homes are no longer protected.

Legal requirements for residential fire alarm systems

Although it is advisable to have a working smoke alarm, it has yet to become a legal requirement. The exception to this is with rented properties where by law the landlord must ensure that a mains-powered smoke detector has been installed and is properly maintained.

Different types of fire alarms used in a commercial environment

Protecting members of the public and ensuring the safe evacuation of people in a building are the top safety priorities on commercial premises. Due to the varied nature of such environments, there are several different kinds of commercial fire alarm systems available today that can easily fulfill specific fire safety requirements.

These include wireless or radio fire alarms, VESDA, and voice alarms that have built-in public address systems.

Fire alarms with PA systems

There may be a need to provide evacuation instructions and communicate these to the general public. Voice systems allow for public announcements to be made, which will speed up the evacuation time, thus saving lives.

Wireless and radio fire alarms

Large buildings do need either wireless or radio fire alarms. The advantage of these is they don’t need to be hardwired and are able to cover a large range of almost 1.5km.

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