Why Use a Fire Alarm Service

The Benefits of Fire Alarm Monitoring

A monitored fire alarm can address the issue of a fire alarm that goes unnoticed. If a fire did break out, especially when no one is in the building, who will hear the alarm and report it? This is when a fire alarm service comes in handy, as it gives you peace of mind that if an alarm does go off, immediate action is taken whether you are there or not.

Benefits of fire alarm monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring comes with numerous benefits that can improve the overall safety of your home or business.

Rapid response to alarm activations

The service can take emergency action in a matter of minutes, way faster than an individual in the stressful event of a fire. Therefore, it increases the chances of the fire department controlling the fire and reducing the damage.

Reduce false alarms

False alarms are not just frustrating, they can also waste both your and the emergency services’ time. When monitored, false alarms can be avoided, as only confirmed alarms will be acted upon.

Reduce business disruption

If a fire has been detected and acted upon quickly, which will happen when it is being monitored, this can help reduce potential disruption in the form of any damage, equipment, or stock, in addition to panic from employees. With a monitored fire service, you can leave the site calmly knowing the fire department is already on its way.

Reduced risk to employees

With third-party monitoring of the alarm system, this is not your or your employee’s responsibility. You can all exit to safety if a fire does start, with no need for employees to help fight the fire, which will put their lives at risk.

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